Your Benefits

✓ Consistent quality during the entire production

Independence from natural draught in the ductwork or chimney

Low energy costs

Delivery volume up to 17,400 mÑ/h

Negative pressures up to 1,400 Pa

Temperature resistant up to 400 °C

Ideal for extracting gaseous media

Extensive range of accessories for the device

Can be installed indoors and outdoors

Easy plug-in installation or connection via ange,mthis means lower installation costs

due to easy connection

Can be installed in all chimney systems and ductwork via factory-made adapters

Can be retro t any time

Power can be variably adjusted to production requirements

Low service costs due to low-maintenance components and easy-care design

Robust construction made of stainless steel

Easily integrated in existing measurement and control systems

Pre-programmed frequency converter

Larger delivery volume or redundant layout via parallel installation

Can be used with existing control systems


Range of Use

For all industrial plants

The industrial fan Linejekt® extracts gaseous media up to 400 °C in delivery volumes up to 17.400 m3/h
and can create negative pressures of up to 1,400 Pa!


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