About the Linejekt

The challange

Modern production processes require a chimney draught and extraction of process air that remain steady during all seasons and are customized to the respective production process. This cannot be accomplished with a regular chimney or exhaust shaft because of changing weather conditions as well as modulating and varying production processes.

The solution

If a production process requires an exhaust air  ow rate that remains steady at all times and is aligned with the production, this requires special fans and the corresponding control units. It is the only way to achieve a consistent quality for all products. For this purpose, Kutzner + Weber has developed the powerful and all-purpose industrial fan Linejekt®.

Application and operation

The especially developed industrial fan Linejekt® by Kutzner + Weber extracts delivery volumes of 800–17,400 m3/h depending on overall size DN 250–DN 800 and can create negative pressures of up to 1,400 Pa. It can extract gaseous media up to 400 °C.

The device can be set continuously via a frequency converter or phase-controlled modulator (depending on motor type) and therefore can be adjusted to any production process. For self-sufficient uses Kutzner + Weber offers special control units. However, the devices can also easily be integrated into existing measurement and control systems. The device is installed with the corresponding installation equipment and can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. The devices can also be used both indoors and outdoors (please note protection class).

If larger delivery volumes or a redundant layout are required, a parallel installation of the devices in the system is also possible. The devices were specially adapted to flue gas systems and therefore can be easily installed in systems via plug-in or flange connections. Corresponding adapters are available for all other ductwork and chimney systems.