About the Raab Group

The Raab Group

The Raab Group with its three strong brands Raab, Kutzner + Weber and NET is among Europe‘s market leaders for flue gas technology.

Nearly 120 years ago, the Raab Group started out as a manufacturer of construction material and supplier of components and has evolved into a provider of innovative systems. Nowadays, the company stands for expertise in the planning, design, manufacturing and installation as well as the initial operation and after sales service of intelligent complete solutions for flue gas technology.

As a full-range provider the company offers products from supply air to the fi replace, the connection pipe to the chimney outlet and beyond. These components are perfectly synchronized and therefore guarantee safety, appliance effi ciency and emission reduction. All parts are manufactured in Germany. This makes Raab unique on the market!

The product range is supplemented with the flue-gas-technology components by Kutzner + Weber GmbH and for heat recovery by NET GmbH.

The Kutzner + Weber GmbH based in Maisach, Germany, has been a sub sidiary of the Joseph Raab GmbH & Cie. KG since 1997. Kutzner + Weber is one of the leading companies in the fi eld of development and sale of components for fl ue gas technology. The expertise and know-how of this subsidiary are therefore an ideal supplement for the Joseph Raab GmbH & Cie. KG.

The Raab Group with its companies Joseph Raab GmbH & Cie. KG and J. Raab GmbH is a manufacturer of stainless-steel flue gas systems and lightweight chimneys for industrial, commercial and residential construction and exclusively produces its products in Germany. The state-of-the-art production plants manufacture flue gas systems for all areas of application and sold across Europe.

The Neue Energie Technik GmbH has already been working the in the fi eld of project planning, construction, production and service of heat recovery systems for 25 years. Individually designed solutions guarantee considerable savings in energy costs and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. NET has been part of the Raab Group since 2015.